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Turkey opens borders to tourists in June

by Daryna
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Written by Daryna Lohvinova

In this challenging time of constraints and the danger of the COVID virus spreading around the world, it is very difficult to enjoy the simple vacation that we took for granted in the past.

Most countries continue to impose restrictions and close borders, even as their economies continue to collapse, and people continue to lose jobs or receive only half of their regular salaries, hotels, travel companies, and tourism-related companies continue to fall in this abyss of uncertainty.


The Turkish government decided to open its borders as early as June 2020 and start receiving millions of dollars from tourists from all over the world who want to travel and enjoy a pleasant holiday.

In addition to tourist destinations, shopping malls and some stores with capacity restrictions have reopened in the country.


Turkey is a country with beautiful resorts and intoxicating nature.

Every year the number of visitors to this wonderful country increases tenfold. Turkey is famous for its beaches and golden sands, gentle sea, scorching sun and unique sights.

The Turkish Ministry of Internal Affairs has issued a circular on crossing the state border by Turkish and foreign citizens.

Every citizen of Turkey or another state entering the country will be examined by medical personnel. The check includes measurement of body temperature and a superficial examination. If suspicious symptoms are detected, the tourist will be directed to undergo a PCR test for coronavirus.

Analysis for Covid-19 will be carried out free of charge, at the expense of the state.

These rules apply to all types of borders – land, sea, air. The circular has been sent to all border provinces of Turkey and has been supervised by local authorities and the police.

The corresponding order has already been signed by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. The decree comes into force on June 12, 2020, and will remain in effect until a special circular on its cancellation.

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