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Rest in Antalya. Turkey during a pandemic: temperature measurement, mask mode.

by Daryna
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Written by Daryna Lohvinova

Everyone has been waiting for this for several months. And finally, the Turkish authorities opened the borders. What’s next? What awaits tourists in one of the most visited cities in Turkey?

Antalya is located in the south of the country, the center of the province of the same name and a seaport. It is located on the Mediterranean coast and is the capital of the popular resort region of the Turkish Riviera.

Known as the tourist capital of the Mediterranean, Antalya receives millions of tourists every year. Thanks to the launch of the Safe Tourism Certification program aimed at combating COVID-19, Antalya continues to be one of the most popular holiday destinations among tourists.


The Safe Tourism Certification program, launched in the 2020 tourism season, has received a positive response from accommodation, catering and transportation facilities. The certification parameters include a wide range of services and measures to protect the health of Turkish citizens and guests of the country who prefer to spend their holidays in Turkey, as well as service personnel in the tourism sector. The certificate, which has recently become mandatory for all hotels in hotels with more than 50 rooms, confirms that the organization has taken all the necessary sanitary and hygienic measures to ensure the safe stay of guests.

Turkey has developed and launched the Safe Tourism Certification program as one of the first countries in the world, and as a result of the security measures taken, 180 flights arrive in Antalya every day. Tourists from many countries such as Russia, Ukraine, Germany and England can safely rest in certified tourist sites in and around Antalya.

A specially created travel insurance package, which also covers the costs of treatment for Covid-19, is an additional guarantee of safety for tourists visiting the country. The insurance policy can be purchased from accredited airlines, at points of sale located at airports in front of the passport control area and other points of sale. The cost of the insurance package is from 15 to 21 Euro with insurance coverage from 3.000 to 7.000 Euro.

In addition to travel insurance, tourists can take COVID-19 tests at health centers located on site. In the event that the isolation period exceeds the hotel reservation period, the additional costs of patient accommodation are covered by the hotel under a separate insurance developed for the hotels. There are also 3 options for insurance coverage from 10 to 22 Euro.


In addition, in addition to the authorized health authorities for laboratory testing, before leaving Turkey or, if necessary, upon entering the country, the tourist has the opportunity to take a test for Covid-19 at PCR testing centers at the airports of Istanbul, Sabiha Gegcen. , Antalya, Izmir, Dalaman and Bodrum.

The results of a PCR test, which allows you to quickly determine the presence of a virus in the body, can be obtained within 1-3 hours. Obtaining a detailed analysis after taking samples, the results of the analysis of samples are provided within 24 hours after the delivery of the analysis, which ensures effective and early detection of the virus.

What awaits tourists this year in Turkey?

Not everyone was able to pass strict control and receive a SAFE TOURISM certificate, about 30% of hotels remain closed this season, while the rest not only proudly bear the status of safe, but prove it with their work.

On the plane, the entire flight must be in a mask (for refusal to wear – a fine).

Before passing the passport control zone, tourists can purchase insurance against coronavirus.

From the good news, there is no need to go through quarantine upon arrival, and tests are done only for those with a high temperature (above 37.8).

Testing centers for COVID-19 have opened at the airports of Istanbul, Antalya, Izmir and Dalaman.



According to the new rules, the food is behind the glass, and the waiter with gloves and a protective screen puts it on. Devices are handed out in disposable bags, tables are disinfected after each guest.
All personnel wear protective screens and masks.

Sun loungers on the beach are at a safe distance from each other. Pools are disinfected with a special solution.

A doctor works on the territory of the hotels 24/7. Tests for coronavirus in Turkey, if necessary, will be done free of charge. But so far, security measures in resort areas are yielding results.

Guests are welcomed here, not talking about prohibitions, but opportunities. This is how the state takes care of the business of its own citizens and the safety of foreigners.

Children’s clubs – the quarantine dream of decent parents – are working. Children are periodically measured temperature, and the program is designed so that most of the time they spend in the fresh air. I repeat, the territory allows it.


As for the prices for tours, in general they will remain as before.

“Some hotels offer discounts of about 30% (that is, they sell at May prices for July), but for the majority it is unprofitable because of“ coronavirus ”expenses, besides, two months of the season are simply lost. The cost of the tours has increased due to anti-epidemic preparation. On the other hand, they cannot raise prices either – demand has already fallen. In addition, the Turkish authorities are subsidizing the tourism business because of the pandemic, ”says Basharir.

The same applies to charter flights – prices, according to carriers, will not change due to the reduction in the cost of aviation fuel.

Summing up, we can assume that, contrary to forecasts and rumors, the 2020 holiday is almost the same as last year. Everything we love for, Turkey is present, prices have not changed, and reasonable security measures have not prevented anyone yet.

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