Kharkiv is the best city to live in Ukraine. For whom and why?

Written by Daryna Lohvinova

Kharkiv is one of the largest cities in Ukraine with a population of 1.5 million people. The city was founded in 1654 and from 1919 to 1934 was the capital of Ukraine.

In July 2020, the international portal Numbeo published a rating of the best cities in the world in terms of quality of life. Kharkiv took the 183rd place, overtaking Kiev.

The level of cities was assessed by prices for goods and housing, quality of medicine, transport links, and safety.

So, why is Kharkov better?

Due to the fact that Kharkiv is located at the crossroads of trade routes, the city has been establishing transport communications for many years and most of the highways and railways lead to all industrial centers of Ukraine, Russia and Europe.

New buses and metro provide connections around the city. Convenient interchanges allow people to quickly reach their destination. And the time of movement of transport is controlled by electronic boards at stops.


Kharkov is an industrial city of Ukraine. After all, there are enterprises of mechanical engineering, radio electronics, aircraft industry, which are also known outside Ukraine.

Therefore, there are more jobs here and the population is professionally employed.

There are more than 20 grocery, clothing and industrial markets in Kharkov. The most famous among them are Barabashovo, Horse, Central. Therefore, Kharkiv is considered the center of trade not only for the city, but also for Slobozhanshchina.

The city ranks second in Ukraine in terms of training the best specialists. On average, about 33 thousand specialists in various industries leave local universities per year.


Among the most famous educational institutions are Kharkiv National University named after Karazin, Kharkiv National Medical University, National Law Academy named after I. J. Wise, National Aerospace University.

Many gyms, playgrounds, swimming pools and tennis courts are open to support sports.

For example, there are 19 stadiums in Kharkov and the Metalist football team, which is the pride of the country.


The city is also rich in cultural attractions. In 2008, the competition “Seven Wonders of Kharkov” was created, where the best monuments of the city were selected.

In addition to the old monuments, the city can boast of new buildings that fit perfectly into modern life.

Today Kharkiv is not only an industrial and industrial city, but a modern metropolis created for business, where you want to live.

What about the rating in Ukraine?

A group of experts published the survey data and named the five cities where the standard of living is significantly higher than other regions of the country.

According to the results of the study, Kharkiv is recognized as the best city for living in Ukraine.

This is the conclusion reached by the experts of the “Prizova Wart” project. The one and a half million megalopolis of the Ukrainian East topped the rating of the five best cities for life in the state.


“In order to select the top five cities, we used data from various studies, and also conducted our own surveys. The criteria for evaluating each of the cities were: the economic situation, the quality of education, the prospects for doing business, the safety of life, the level of wages, the comfort of transport, the environmental situation, as well as the quality of municipal services,” said the organizers of the survey.

According to the experts of Prizov Wart, Kharkiv has been demonstrating rapid development over the past three years. The first capital differs significantly from other Ukrainian cities in its cleanliness, landscaping and street lighting. Guests of the city and the residents of Kharkiv are satisfied with the number of attractions, architecture and places for entertainment and leisure. Another main criterion for a comfortable life in Kharkiv has become the education sector, in the city at a decent level and continues to develop rapidly.


But one of the main advantages of the second capital of Ukraine is that it has a high level of investment attractiveness. A huge number of both Ukrainian and foreign companies work here. This improves the economic performance of the city, as well as allows you to find good jobs with high wages.

The city of 1.5 million, according to experts, is currently one of the transport hubs connecting Ukraine with Europe. As for other Ukrainian cities that entered the TOP-5 of the best for life, Vinnitsa took the second place after Kharkov. Bronze went to Kiev. The fourth and fifth places are occupied by Lviv and Odessa, respectively.

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