lunes, octubre 25, 2021

Cuándo, Cómo y Porqué se construyó el Canal de Suez

En 1869, el Canal de Suez se terminó bajo el liderazgo de Ferdinand de Lesseps. Los franceses habían querido una ruta de navegación desde...

Algunas de las comidas más peligrosas del mundo

Estos alimentos probablemente no deberían de aterrizar en tu plato, pueden ponerte en peligro debido a su potencial para asfixiarte o envenenarte. En esta lista...

New Year’s holiday in Paris. Romantic and unforgettable!

Written by Daryna Lohvinova Celebrating the New Year in the most romantic city of the whole planet is already an event that can be told...

Tourists ordered to take COVID-19 test to travel to Egypt

Written by Daryna Lohvinova Egypt began the gradual resumption of scheduled international flights from 1 July following the closure of its airspace in March due...

Kharkiv is the best city to live in Ukraine. For whom and why?

Written by Daryna Lohvinova Kharkiv is one of the largest cities in Ukraine with a population of 1.5 million people. The city was founded in...

Cuales son las ciudades mas vigiladas del mundo?

De las diez ciudades con más cámaras de vigilancia, 8 están en China. De las ciudades europeas solo London está entre las ciudades más...

Rest in Antalya. Turkey during a pandemic: temperature measurement, mask mode.

Written by Daryna Lohvinova Everyone has been waiting for this for several months. And finally, the Turkish authorities opened the borders. What's next? What awaits...

All inclusive holidays in Kemer, Turkey. How to find the best hotel and the...

Written by Daryna Lohvinova Comfortable stay when all inclusive Turkey is a popular destination for travelers. Many hotels in the country operate on the "all inclusive"...

Turkey opens borders to tourists in June

Written by Daryna Lohvinova In this challenging time of constraints and the danger of the COVID virus spreading around the world, it is very difficult...

The sudden closure of borders in Ukraine in March 2020. What are the precautions?

Written by Daryna Lohvinova The states of Europe, the USA, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and other countries, in whole or in part, impose restrictions on the entry...

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